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2017 draw the perfect ending industry presents new changes

March 11, 2017, five days of the 2017 Las Vegas International Engineering Machinery Exhibition (CONEXPO-CONAGG 2017) in the United States, Las Vegas perfect ending. Entrepreneur of the industry,

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such as Caterpillar, Volvo, Doosan, Komatsu, Hitachi, Hyundai, John Deere, Case and other foreign companies. Business exhibitors.

At the same time, domestic and international exhibitors momentum, this year the scale of exhibitors has exceeded the previous level. March 12, lasted five days of the United States Las Vegas International Engineering Machinery Exhibition finally came to an end. As the world's second largest engineering machinery exhibition,

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this exhibition attracted 2,500 enterprises and more than 150,000 exhibitors, representing the highest level of today's construction machinery.

domestic engineering machinery enterprises Xugong, Sany, Zoomlion, Liu Workers, temporary workers, mountain push, mountains and rivers and other well-known enterprises have exhibitors,

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and exhibited at the show for the North American market, the latest products and technologies, once again demonstrated the powerful forces made in China, to promote China's construction machinery to go out, more Good to expand Europe and the United States high-end market paved the way.

In addition, the exhibition also held during the Chinese brand day activities, the Chinese construction machinery to a unified image for the first time in the show on the show, showing the powerful and great progress made in China, in domestic and foreign markets received unprecedented praise. It is worth mentioning that the Chinese road network also organized the strength of the elite to the United States tracking reports,

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sent back from the front of a large number of fresh reports, to meet everyone "no country, but also to see the exhibition" wish, show An industry media international vision and international strategy, by the industry's high praise.
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